B2B Pitching

We begin work one on one, using a bespoke performance mentor coach.  We test out the solo performance skills in a safe and friendly atmosphere, using the real time B2B brief.  Personal nuances, learned behaviours and fears are discussed privately and are safely acknowledged, enabling the Pitcher to feel secure, empowered and honest.  Here is where nerves become an indulgence.  Here is where the authentic Pitch is delivered.

In group, The Team are encouraged to question and build on each other’s ideas and nothing is off side in a mock up scenario, testing the new skills at the same time; its a hybrid of Performance and Brief.  We want to try out every new thought for The Pitch, as a supportive part of the whole.

Having used focused strategic Performance Coaching, the Team then come together finally to work as a tight unit for the perfect B2B Pitch with the team leaders.  Ideally 4 to 6 months with weekly one on ones for the team.  These sessions last an hour.